What is a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop?

Every $10 donation we get is assigned to a numbered golf ball, and a helicopter will drop all of the numbered balls at a target hole. The ball that falls into the hole first (or is closest to the hole) will win up to $2,500*! Thank you for your participation!!!



 * Prize is limited to 10% of donations received.  This IS a fundraiser after all!

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

  • $10 donation - 1 ball

  • $20 donation - 2 balls

  • $50 donation - 5 balls

  • $100  donation - 10 balls

  • Custom amount (multiples of $10)

Latest Donations

Michael Bogert donated $264.00

Mazie Stempkowski donated $140.00

Maria Yanez donated $22.00

Michael Heather donated $220.00

Julie Scarlett donated $22.00

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